While RiverCity definitely completely satisfies the traditional bluegrass lover, in addition we’ve always been proud to present a compatible blend of all kinds of really good music. Whether played on a fiddle, mandolin, dobro, pedal steel, accordion, acoustic or electric guitar, the commonality boils down to the exuberance of experiencing the county’s most talented artists in a live setting. And that’s just part of this really special weekend.

This is not a concert. It’s more of a party. It’s pretty hard not to make friends while wandering around listening to those that are jamming, from your seat during one of the many live performances, while attending one of the masters or beginners workshops or at the dance on Saturday night. And once you’ve bought your ticket, all those things are at your fingertips at no additional charge. There is always something going on and you can do what you want, when you want.

This is the 6th annual RiverCity Music Festival and our first at our new home, the Red Lion On The River at Jantzen Beach. This resort style hotel is very happy to host the festival as shown by their very reasonable rates of $99 per night ($109 for a river view room). Even if you live locally, the added experience of having a place to rest after a late night makes the weekend a special treat indeed. Add brunch on Sunday morning and you’ve given yourself the equivalent of a well deserved getaway. For reservations call 503.283.4466.

About Portland, OR
As Portland, Oregon’s 25-year vision plan elegantly notes “vibrant, diverse neighborhoods are home to all manner of people, but it’s the other things that give a place its soul – the cafes and markets, the art, parks, plazas, vistas and sanctuaries.” Portland’s districts do indeed possess distinct personalities, which is perhaps unusual for a relatively small city. The artistic Pearl District, sophisticated Nob Hill and bohemian Hawthorne are just a few neighborhoods that consistently draw enthusiastic crowds of visitors.

Within these districts, the “Rose City’s” culture simmers in hip coffeehouses, Native American art galleries, ubiquitous bookstores and lively brewpubs. Like much of Portland, these areas encourage exploration on foot.

Rivaling Portland, Oregon’s manmade art are the spectacular masterpieces by Mother Nature. Crowning the city’s skyline is Mount Hood, the tallest peak in Oregon’s Cascade Mountain Range. Within the metro area are 37,000 acres of parks and green spaces that include sizeable chunks of prime downtown real estate, fabulous rose gardens, waterfront promenades and more.


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